Photograph of Pelagic Cormorant - (c) Peter Cavanagh

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Teaching Materials

AIM-UP! Museums in Undergraduate Education


A network that explores the use of natural history collections in undergraduate education. Integrates approaches to collections-based training and large-scale research questions using the expertise of educators, curators, collection managers, database managers, and scientists.

Bird Academy


Learn about birds through this interactive site developed by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. Features articles, slides, video, and courses on bird biology and identification.

Animal Diversity Web Educational Resources


An online database and encyclopedia of animal natural history, designed for exploring biodiversity and for use in inquiry-based education. Provides resources for K-12 and undergraduate education. Students can engage through data exploration and authorship of species accounts.

Cornell Lab Education Program


Projects, workshops, events, and educational resources for people of all ages and levels, aimed toward learning about the science and conservation of birds. Provides K-12 and undergraduate programs, as well as professional workshops (e.g., sound recording and analysis) and lifelong learning opportunities.

Merlin Bird ID


Free downloadable app for identifying birds seen in North America (plus a tool for identifying birds in photos).

Network of Conservation Educators & Practitioners


A network for developing and disseminating open educational materials, and for fostering an active approach to teaching and learning. Provides educational modules and resources for learning about and conserving the world's biodiversity.

Practitioners Network for Large Landscape Conservation


An online learning platform for building and sharing knowledge about large-scale collaborative landscape conservation.

Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center


Educational resources and games for teachers and students. Sponsors Bridging the Americas, which partners classrooms in the eastern United States with classrooms in Latin America and the Caribbean to learn and exchange information about migratory birds.

The Feather Atlas


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service resource that includes a tool for identifying unknown bird feathers.

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