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Studies in Avian Biology

Studies in Avian Biology (SAB), formerly Pacific Coast Avifauna, is a book series published for longer works in ornithology. The SAB series provides a unique opportunity for synthesis and coordination of key topics in ornithology that cannot be met by peer-reviewed journals. Recent volumes on Greater Sage-Grouse and Northern Spotted Owls received publication awards for contributions to wildlife conservation and management.

The typical format is a set of 10–25 contributed chapters organized around an important topic in ornithology such as new areas of research or techniques, ecologically important habitats, or management of species of conservation concern. Recent volumes have focused on emerging questions in avian disease, the ecology of urban birds, and applications of video surveillance to studies of bird behavior. Studies of arctic shorebirds, boreal forest birds, and northern grouse have contributed to a better understanding of the ecology of birds in sensitive ecosystems. Each volume is guest-edited by a team of 1–3 volume editors who select and coordinate submissions of manuscripts from contributing authors. All manuscripts undergo rigorous peer review, and acceptance of individual manuscripts is based on scientific merit.

AOS is currently not accepting or reviewing proposals for new volumes for Studies in Avian Biology while the Society completes its transition to a new publisher partner, Oxford University Press, and the society determines its way forward for the book series. However, previously published volumes remain available.

Access Information

SAB volumes 1–37, as well as older volumes published under the series name Pacific Coast Avifauna, are available as open-access (no cost) PDF files at the Searchable Ornithological Research Archive. Selected issues also are available from Buteo Books.

SAB volumes 38–45 are available for purchase from Buteo Books, University of California Press (e-Books and printed versions), and JSTOR (PDF files by subscription).

SAB volumes 46 and later are available for purchase from CRC Press.

Series Editor

Kate Huyvaert (
Dept. of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Editorial Board

Lauryn Benedict, University of Northern Colorado
Bonnie S. Bowen, Iowa State University
Scott Loss, Oklahoma State University
Michael A. Patten, University of Oklahoma
Morgan W. Tingley, University of Connecticut

Science Publisher

Charles R. Crumly, Senior Acquisitions Editor, CRC Press

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