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Specimen Inventories

These publications were prepared jointly by the Oklahoma Biological Survey and the former American Ornithologists' Union, which merged in 2016 with the Cooper Ornithological Society to form the American Ornithological Society. The goal of the inventories was to help researchers locate scientific specimens for study. Virtually all of the museums around the world supplied information. All titles are out of print. Hard-copy versions may be available through rare book outlets; PDF versions are available from the Oklahoma Biological Survey. Access to these types of data are now available digitally through various biodiversity data resources.

  • Wood, D. S., R. C. Zusi, and M. A. Jenkinson. 1982. World Inventory of Avian Spirit Specimens.
  • Wood, D. S. and M. A. Jenkinson. 1984. World Inventory of Avian Anatomical Specimens: Geographical Analysis.
  • Kiff, L. F. and D. J. Hough. 1985. World Inventory of Bird Egg Collections of North America.
  • Wood, D. S. and G. D. Schnell. 1986. Revised World Inventory of Avian Skeletal Specimens.

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