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AOS Senior Professional Awards: Nomination Guidelines

The 2018 nomination cycle has now closed.

Nominations for the four AOS Senior Professional Awards (Brewster, Coues, Miller, and Schreiber awards) may be submitted by any American Ornithological Society (AOS) member via the online Member Portal.

Before submitting a nomination, please review the lists of previous recipients. In recognition of the large number of ornithologists making outstanding contributions to our science, the AOS Council recommends that the Brewster, Coues, and Schreiber awards be conferred upon individuals who have not previously received awards in those same categories. However, under exceptional circumstances the Council may consider and approve a nomination to confer a second award to an individual. The new work being recognized must (1) involve a substantially different problem in ornithology than was recognized by the first award and (2) be of significantly greater quality than the work of other eligible ornithologists who have not yet been recognized with an award in that category. The Miller Award recognizes lifetime achievement in ornithological research; therefore, it is possible to receive a Miller award and one of the other awards in one's professional lifetime. Nominees for the Brewster, Coues, and Miller awards need not be members of the AOS at the time of their nomination. An individual nominee for the Schreiber award must be a member of the AOS at the time of nomination; in the case of a team nomination, at least one member of the team must be a member of the society at the time of their nomination.

To submit a nomination for the Brewster, Coues, Miller, or Schreiber award, upload a written summary (no more than 2 pages) stating the individual's contributions to ornithology, along with a current CV of the nominee. Written summaries should make the case for the nominee; potential information could include scientific, educational, and conservation accomplishments, and relevance and implications of their work to advancing ornithology and/or the conservation of birds.

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