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AOS Miller Award

Loye and Alden Miller Research Award

lloye-miller-vert.jpg This award recognizes lifetime achievement in ornithological research. Loye Holmes Miller (1874–1970) began his teaching career in 1904 at the Los Angeles State Normal School (which later became UCLA) and retired in 1943. It was only in the last nine years of his active service that the Ph.D. degree was awarded and, in that time, he had two M.A. and two Ph.D. students.

Alden Holmes Miller (1906–1965), Loye's son, began his teaching career in 1931 in the Department of Zoology and Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at the University of California, Berkeley and remained on the faculty until his death 34 years later. Miller sponsored 28 Ph.D. students, 26 of them in avian biology. Among their students, those with a Ph.D. in avian biology total 166, and there are at least an additional 40 whose Ph.D. topics were non-avian.



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