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AOS Membership Benefits

The American Ornithological Society is committed to advancing the scientific understanding and conservation of birds and to enriching ornithology as a profession. As an inclusive, international society, AOS connects you to an extensive network of thousands of dedicated scientists from academia, government, and nonprofit organizations, and with other individuals working across borders and disciplines. By joining AOS, you will receive the following membership benefits. If you are not already a member, join now!

Publication Access & Related Discounts

  • Unlimited online access to our flagship scientific publications, The Auk: Ornithological Advances and The Condor: Ornithological Applications.
  • NO AUTHOR PAGE CHARGES for AOS members publishing papers in these journals as corresponding authors.
  • 25% member discount on optional open access fees.
  • Free access to Birds of North America, the most comprehensive and authoritative resource available on the biology of North American birds.
  • 25% discount on books published by Oxford University Press (some exclusions apply).
  • Detailed instructions for accessing The Auk, The Condor, Birds of North America, and the book discount via the Member Portal are available here.

Note: AOS no longer regularly publishes print versions of The Auk and The Condor. Beginning in 2019, print-on-demand versions of single issues may be ordered at and

Prestigious Award Opportunities

Professional Development Opportunities

  • Workshops at annual meetings on topics such as career preparation and advancement, new research techniques, and proposal and grant writing.
  • Facilitated networking socials and round tables that bringing together students, young professionals, and practicing ornithologists.

Connected Community of Ornithologists

  • Discounted registration rates to attend annual scientific meetings that highlight the latest advances in ornithology across a wide spectrum of disciplines and provide opportunities for networking and career development.
  • Access to ornithological news and announcements, job and volunteer opportunities, and a directory of members.
  • Support from the Ornithological Council, a consortium of twelve scientific societies that provides important services to ornithologists.
  • Access to Ornithology Exchange, an online community of ornithologists.

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