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AOS Membership Benefits

The American Ornithological Society is committed to advancing the scientific understanding and conservation of birds and to enriching ornithology as a profession. As an inclusive, international society,  AOS connects you to an extensive network of thousands of dedicated scientists studying birds from academia, government, nonprofit organizations, and with other individuals working across borders and disciplines. By joining AOS, you will receive the following membership benefits. If you are not already a member, join now!

Online access to cutting edge ornithological research and publishing discounts

  • Unlimited online access to The Auk: Ornithological Advances, one of the most highly-cited ornithological journals in the world. This international, peer-reviewed journal publishes original research and scholarship advancing the fundamental scientific knowledge of bird species.**
  • Unlimited online access to The Condor: Ornithological Applications, an international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research, syntheses, and assessments on the application of scientific theory and methods to the conservation, management, and ecology of birds.**
  • 25% discount on open access fees. 

**The AOS no longer prints The Auk and The Condor. You may order print-on-demand annual subscriptions or individual issues of the 2018 journals from Sheridan Press starting in December 2017 at Annual subscriptions for libraries are $400 for each journal. Annual subscriptions for AOS members are $160 per year for each journal. Individual issues may be ordered for $55 per issue.

AOS members also receive open access to other publications, including:

Prestigious award opportunities

Professional Development

  • Eligibility for Early Professional Awards that recognize outstanding scientific contributions by early-career ornithologists
  • Workshops at annual meetings on topics such as career preparation and advancement, new research techniques, and proposal and grant writing
  • Facilitated networking socials and round tables that bringing together students, young professionals, and practicing ornithologists
  • Eligibility for AOS Special Membership Classes

Connected Community of Ornithologists

  • Discounted registration rates to attend annual scientific meetings that highlight the latest advances in ornithology across a wide spectrum of disciplines and provide opportunities for networking and career development
  • Access to ornithological news and announcements, job and volunteer opportunities, and a directory of members.
  • Support from the Ornithological Council, a consortium of twelve scientific societies that provides important services to ornithologists
  • Access to Ornithology Exchange, an online community of ornithologists

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