Photograph of White Ibis - (c) Peter Cavanagh

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Permitting Resources

Ornithological Council


A consortium of twelve scientific societies in the Western hemisphere that provides an array of important services to ornithologists. Addresses issues that affect our work as ornithologists, including permitting regulations (national, international, and state/provincial) and animal welfare policies.

Guidelines to the Use of Wild Birds in Research


A comprehensive document on the use of wild birds in research, including bird capture and marking, scientific collecting and sampling, transport, and captive management. Recognized as a standard for compliance with the Animal Welfare Act. Produced by the Ornithological Council.

Permitting Guides


Links to permits and permitting for ornithological research. Includes information about permits required for import, scientific collecting, bird banding, and research on public lands. Compiled by the Ornithological Council.

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