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Ornithological Council

AOS is the largest supporter of the Ornithological Council, a consortium of scientific societies in the Western hemisphere. Founded in 1992, the council provides an array of important services to ornithologists, notably:

  • Addressing the policies that affect our work as ornithologists, including permits at the national, international, and state/provincial levels
  • Animal welfare policies - the Ornithological Council is responsible for publishing and updating Guidelines to the Use of Wild Birds in Research, a peer-reviewed publication that is officially recognized by the National Science Foundation as a standard for compliance with the Animal Welfare Act
  • Science policy such as research funding, the policies of grant-making agencies, research integrity/misconduct, open access publishing and data sharing requirements

The Ornithological Council informs and educates ornithologists about these policies and provides detailed assistance with compliance via permit guides and articles and notices on Ornithology Exchange. It also enabled members who are federal employees to serve on the boards and councils of scientific societies without fear of federal criminal prosecution.

As part of its mission, the Ornithological Council provides scientific information about birds to policy makers, landowners, industry, and others who make decisions that affect wild bird populations.

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