Photograph of Burrowing Owl - (c) Shawn Billerman

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Get Involved

Whether you are a student, teacher, birdwatcher, or professional ornithologist, there are many ways to get involved with the American Ornithological Society (AOS).

  1. Join the community of ornithologists by becoming a member. Membership offer many benefits: strengthen your professional social network, tap society resources, get the latest published research in The Auk and The Condor, and advance your ornithological career.
  2. Attend meetings. Share your discoveries and learn about the latest ornithological research of your fellow members while interacting with students, early career professionals, and senior scientists from across the Americas and the world.
  3. Participate in AOS Committees. The important business and scientific efforts of the American Ornithological Society are directed by volunteers through our governance, membership, and program committees. Students and early professionals are especially encouraged to get involved through serving on committees.
  4. Engage in the broader ornithological community by contributing data critical for bird study and conservation through Scientific Resources and Citizen Science.
  5. Contribute Educational Resources for teaching and learning about birds at all levels.

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