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COS Special Guest, 2014 Annual Meeting

cos-guest-martin-cuntz-2014.jpgThe success of the Cooper Ornithological Society depends on those who, first and foremost, are passionate about birds. We were reminded of our heritage and that passion for birds when David Martin Cuntz, Jr., young 12-year-old bird enthusiast and great-great-great nephew of James Graham Cooper, joined us as a special guest along with his parents, David and Jenny, and sister, Ana, at the 2014 annual meeting in Estes Park, Colorado. The COS name commemorates James Graham Cooper, whose father – Martin’s great, great, great, great grandfather – is William Cooper, namesake of the Cooper’s Hawk and founder of the New York Natural History Lyceum. Young Martin is an avid birder whose natural history project “Saving the California Condor” was selected by his school last year to present at the Fort Lewis College – Colorado Southwest Regional History Day. This past summer, Martin was introduced to bird banding at a MAPS station near his home in Durango, Colorado. We hope that you had a chance to visit with Martin at the Estes Park meeting or to hear him, his Dad and sister, play bluegrass at the Bird Band Jam.


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