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Conservation Committee Reports

The AOS Conservation Committee periodically publishes reports on specific plans or case studies. These reports are part of the societies' efforts to mobilize scientific expertise in advancing avian conservation. Here is a selection of those reports:

  • Askins, R. A., F. Chávez-Ramírez, B. C. Dale, C. A. Haas, J. R. Herkert, F. L. Knopf, and P. D. Vickery. 2007. Conservation of Grassland Birds in North America: Understanding Ecological Processes in Different Regions: Report of the AOU Committee on Conservation. Ornithological Monographs 64:iii-46 (View PDF).
  • Beissinger, S. R., N. F. R. Snyder, S. R. Derrickson, F. C. James, and S. M. Lanyon. 1991. International trade in live exotic birds creates a vast movement that must be halted. Auk 108:982-984 (View PDF).
  • Beissinger, S. R., J. M. Reed, J. M. Wunderle, S. K. Robinson, and D. M. Finch. 2000. Report of the AOU conservation committee on the partners in flight species prioritization plan. Auk 117:549-561 (View PDF).
  • Ricklefs, R. E. (editor). 1978. Report of the advisory panel on the California condor. 6, National Audubon Society, New York.
  • Walters, J. R., S. R. Beissinger, J. W. Fitzpatrick, R. Greenberg, J. D. Nichols, H. R. Pulliam, and D. W. Winkler. 2000. The AOU Conservation Committee review of the biology, status, and management of cape sable seaside sparrows: Final report. Auk 117:1093-1115 (View PDF).
  • Walters, J. R., S. R. Derrickson, D. M. Fry, S. M. Haig, J. M. Marzluff, and J. M. Wunderle, Jr. 2010. Status of the California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus) and efforts to achieve its recovery. Auk 127:969-1001 (View PDF).

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