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Checklist of North and Middle American Birds

The Checklist of North and Middle American Birds is the official source on the taxonomy and nomenclature of birds found in this region, including adjacent islands. This publication is produced by the North American Classification Committee (NACC) of the American Ornithological Society (formerly AOU).

The geographic area covered includes: North and Middle America from the North Pole to the boundary of Panama and Colombia, including the adjacent islands under the jurisdiction of the included nations; the Hawaiian Islands; Clipperton Island; Bermuda; The West Indies, including the Bahama Islands, the Greater Antilles, Leeward and Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles (ending with Grenada); and Swan, Providencia, and San Andrés Islands in the Gulf of Mexico. Greenland is not included in the coverage of the Seventh Edition of the Checklist, although it was included in earlier editions and will be in the next edition. Birds with a more southern distribution are covered by the Checklist of South American Birds.

Checklist: 7th Edition and Supplements

The 829-page hardbound volume, published in 1998, may be purchased from Buteo Books or downloaded in PDF format (PDF files listed below: file size up to 13 MB):

Note that the documents above do not as yet incorporate changes made in the Supplements to the Checklist. Annotations to the book PDFs are planned for the future, but for now, users of the book must check the supplements or online list to determine whether changes have been made.

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The last edition of the Checklist to include subspecies was published in 1957 (5th edition). Although a complete revision of North American avian subspecies has not been done, we refer readers to Avibase and the Birds of North America for more up-to-date treatments of subspecies. The Birds of North America project is systematically revising subspecies account for North American birds.

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