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AOS Special Membership Classes

Nominations for 2018 are due 17, November 2017.


Congratulations 2017 Fellows and Elective Members!

Ted Anderson (McKendree University), W. Alice Boyle (Kansas State University), Sarah E. Bush (University of Utah), Anna D. Chalfoun (University of Wyoming), Caren Beth Cooper (North Carolina State University & North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences), Renee Duckworth (University of Arizona), Katie Dugger (Oregon State University), David Ewert (The Nature Conservancy), Corey Freeman-Gallant (Skidmore College), Sharon Gill (Western Michigan University), Carole S. Griffiths (Long Island University), Janet Hinshaw (University of Michigan), Kathryn Huyvaert (Colorado State University), Andrew W. Jones (Cleveland Museum of Natural History), Catherine Lindell (Michigan State University), Andrew L. Mack (Cassowary Conservation and Publishing), Vladimir Pravosudov (University of Nevada), J. Jordan Price (St. Mary’s College of Maryland), Paul G. Rodewald (Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology), Thomas B Ryder (Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center), John Smallwood (Montclair State University), Karen Steenhof (U.S. Geological Survey, retired), Caz Taylor (Tulane University), Charles H. Trost (Idaho State University), Jason D. Weckstein (Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University), and Blair Wolf (University of New Mexico)

Elective Members:
Courtney Amundson, David Anderson, Chris Balakrishnan, Karl Berg, Eli Bridge, Leo Campagna, Julia Clarke, Melanie Colon, Tara Conkling, Nathan W Cooper, Robert J. Cooper, Kristen Covino, Claire Curry, Ray Danner, William V. DeLuca, Jill Deppe, Elizabeth Derryberry, Pierre Deviche, Robert Diehl, Carla Fontana, Victoria Garcia, Richard Gibbons, Emma Greig, Amanda Hale, Robert Hamilton, Matthew D. Johnson, Sara Kaiser, Sarah Knutie, David Koons, Susannah B. Lerman, Haw Chuan Lim, John D. Lloyd, Ashley Long, Teresa Lorenz, Alberto Macias-Duarte, James Maley, Paul Martin, Nicholas Mason, Luciano Naka, Karan Odom, Ken Otter, Kristina L. Paxton, Eben Paxton, Noah Perlut, Christin Pruett, Matthew W. Reudink, Christine Ribic, Jeremy D. Ross, Sarah Sonsthagen, Mary Cassie Stoddard, Henry Streby, Colin E. Studds, Ildiko Szabo, Scott Taylor, Scott B. Terrill, Caroline Van Hemert, Benjamin M. Winger, Stefan Woltmann, and Theodore J. Zenzal


The American Ornithological Society (AOS) recognizes three classes of special membership as described in Article I of the Bylaws. Individuals are elected to these categories in recognition of their contributions to ornithology and to AOS. The AOS committees strive to develop a balanced annual slate of nominees that represent the Society and includes the diversity of its members.

The Committee on Nomination of Fellows and Elective Members encourages any AOS member to nominate new Fellows and Elective Members. AOS welcomes nominations in order to recognize individuals for their diverse contributions to ornithology and to the society. Nominations of qualified individuals from under-represented groups are strongly encouraged.

The Committee on Nomination of Honorary Fellows is responsible for developing the slate of candidates for Honorary Fellows when openings are available.

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Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows shall be limited to 100. They are chosen for exceptional ornithological eminence and must be residents of a country other than the United States of America or Canada at the time of their election. Ornithologists who are not currently members of the AOS are eligible for nomination.

AOS Honorary Fellows (PDF)


Fellows are nominated based on their exceptional and sustained contributions to ornithology and/or service to AOS. At the time of their election, Fellows must be Honorary Fellows or Elective Members in good standing who are residents or citizens of a political subdivision of the Western Hemisphere.

AOS Fellows (PDF)

Elective Members

Elective Members are nominated based on their significant contributions to ornithology and/or service to AOS. At the time of their election, Elective Members must be Members in good standing who are residents or citizens of a political subdivision of the Western Hemisphere.

AOS Elective Members(PDF)

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