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Bequests and Other Planned Gifts

There are many ways to contribute to the future of the American Ornithological Society through bequests and other planned gifts. These are pledges to donate at some future time, and such gifts ensure that AOS has resources to support future generations of ornithologists and sustain our efforts to advance the scientific study and conservation of birds. This is a wonderful way to make a lasting impact on the ornithological community.

Planning Your Gift

When planning a gift for your future and AOS’s, many factors should be considered. Some planned gift arrangements are revocable, while others cannot be changed once established. Some work better with cash and others with appreciated assets. Given the many variations in these arrangements, your giving plan can be tailored to your needs, desires, and capabilities. Individual circumstances will vary; as with all tax and estate planning, please consult your financial and estate advisors.

We welcome your inquiries and are pleased to answer questions and offer suggestions confidentially, based on your personal circumstances. Contact AOS Executive Director Melinda Pruett-Jones at 312-665-7936 or

Please use the following information when making a bequest or planned gift:

Legal name: American Ornithological Society
Tax ID Number: 72-6019246

If you have already included AOS in your estate plans, please let us know!

Charitable Bequest

Naming the American Ornithological Society to receive all or a portion of your estate through your will or trust reduces estate taxes while creating a charitable legacy for ornithology.

Charitable Gift Annuity

With this option, you transfer cash or property to AOS, and you and/or someone you designate receives lifetime income from the amount you transfer. AOS keeps the remainder upon your passing, potentially reducing and deferring capital gains tax and reducing probate costs and estate taxes.

Charitable Trusts

A charitable lead trust or several types of charitable remainder trusts create valuable options in estate planning by providing tax savings, a significant gift and income for either a charity or family members, and a future gift to AOS.

Life Insurance Policies

Naming AOS as a beneficiary of your insurance policy enables you to create a charitable legacy without invading cash and other assets designated for your heirs.

Retirement Account Assets

Double taxation on retirement plan withdrawals decreases their value for your heirs. Consider providing other assets to heirs and naming AOS as the beneficiary of your retirement accounts. You can save taxes and preserve your hard-earned assets to directly benefit the ornithological community.

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