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AOS Contacts

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AOS Administration (contracts, finances, committee support, IRS Form 990, donations)

Crystal Ruiz, Administrator

Melinda Pruett-Jones, Executive Director

American Ornithological Society
1400 South Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60605

AOS Communications

Rebecca Heisman, Communications Specialist

AOS Membership Service and Database Management 

Scott Gillihan, Membership Manager
Individual memberships, institutional subscriptions, missing/damaged issues
(312) 883-4670

Chris Mulvaney, Member Database Specialist
Member Portal questions, compeititons, event registrations
(312) 665-7936

AOS Publications (submissions and author queries, institutional subscriptions, press)

General Publications Office
Kathleen Erickson, Journals Director

The Auk: Ornithological Advances

The Condor: Ornithological Applications

Studies in Avian Biology

General questions and communications:

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