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AOS Committees

The American Ornithological Society has many standing committees that conduct much of the business of the organization. These committees are composed of dedicated volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to the benefit of the society, its individual members, and ornithology as a whole.

There are also ad hoc committees, which are groups that may later become standing committees through a vote.

For questions that are directed to a specific committee, contact the individual committee chairs via Please use the subject line "(Specific Committee/Person) - Inquiry Regarding ____."

If you are interested in joining an AOS committee, please contact Andy Jones, AOS Secretary.

Full List of Committee Members (last updated 9 August 2019 - please contact us if you believe anyone has been omitted from this list!)



Bird Collections

Co-Chairs: John Bates and Carla Cicero

Monitors the status and promotes improvements of scientific collections of avian materials. Works with the Ornithological Council to facilitate collections-based research, including providing information on permits, protocols, preparation techniques, and supplies. Occasionally sponsors workshops on these topics.


Birds of North America Liaison

Chair: Scott Johnson

Reviews the Birds of North America website and provides oversight on functioning of the BNA-AOS partnership. Recommends improvements that maintain scientific value and add value and usability to the website.



Chair: Francie Cuthbert

Oversees the process of changing the AOS Bylaws that govern the operations of the society.


Classification and Nomenclature (NACC)

Chair: Terry Chesser

Keeps abreast of and adds to the systematics, nomenclature, and distribution of North and Middle American birds. Publishes the Checklist of North and Middle American Birds, including supplements (online and print).


Classification and Nomenclature (SACC)

Chair: J. V. Remsen, Jr.

Keeps abreast of and contributes to the systematics, nomenclature and distribution of South American birds. Produces products that provide ready access to such information, including the Checklist of South American Birds.


Communications Advisory

Chair: Emily Cohen

Develops, oversees, and evaluates strategies for communication via the American Ornithology website and associated social media to advance AOS's mission and deliver timely and relevant content to audiences who use information generated by ornithologists.



Chair: Pete Marra

Identifies and implements appropriate means for AOS to promote sound ornithological science for making conservation and management decisions for birds.


Diversity and Inclusion

Co-Chairs: Kevin Omland & Viviana Ruiz-Gutierrez

Works on fostering diversity and inclusion within our society and ornithology. This committee sponsors a range of activities including travel awards focused on increasing broadening participation. The AOS Diversity Statement is available for viewing and download.


Early Professionals

Chair: Sara Kaiser

Discusses the needs of early professional ornithologists (postdoctoral researchers, pre-tenure faculty members, and non-academic scientists who have received degrees within the past five years) and promotes the availability of professional development resources and opportunities for these individuals.


Early Professional Awards

Chair: Katie Dugger

Solicits and reviews applications for the Early Professional Awards: James G. Cooper Young Professional Award, Ned K. Johnson Young Investigator Award.



Chair: Jeffrey Brawn

To promote a high level of ethical conduct by ornithologists through development of educational activities for AOS members and other ornithologists.



Chair: Robert Montgomerie

Collects materials of historical importance and submits them to the Smithsonian Institution archivist assigned to looking after AOS records. Provides materials to the Memorials Committee on request and decides how to handle requests for access to the AOU archives.


Meeting Coordination

Co-Chairs: Mike Webster and Colleen Handel

Scientific Program Co-Chairs: Courtney Conway and Patricia Heglund

Provides strategic oversight and coordination of annual meetings and development of the scientific program, and works in collaboration with the Local Arrangements committee each year.



Chair: Mike Butler

Develops strategies for retaining, increasing, and diversifying membership of the society. Works with AOS committees to evaluate effective ways to best serve and engage our members and provide meaningful opportunities for members to contribute to their profession.



Chair: Ted Anderson

Obtains information and keeps records on the deaths of AOS members as well as nonmembers who are prominent in the field of ornithology. Oversees the preparation of memorials for The Auk: Ornithological Advances and The Condor: Ornithological Applications.


​Nomination of Fellows and Elective Members

Chair: Jack Dumbacher

Surveys the AOS membership and prepares nominations of qualified members for the special membership class of Elective Member, and nominations of qualified Elective Members for the class of Fellow, according to the criteria established in AOS Bylaws.


Nomination of Honorary Fellows

Chair: John Wingfield

Nominates candidates for the special membership class of Honorary Fellows, who are chosen for exceptional ornithological eminence. Honorary Fellows are limited to 100 and must be residents of a country other than the United States or Canada at the time of their election.


Nomination of Officers and Elective Councilors

Chair: Thomas Sherry

Ensures that a sufficient number of persons are nominated to stand for election for governance positions of President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Elective Councilor, in accordance with the AOS Bylaws.


​Publications Awards

Chair: Michael Murphy

Selects candidates for the Publications Awards, recognizing outstanding ornithological publications.


Research Awards

Chair: Brian Peer

Solicits and reviews applications for student and postdoctoral research awards made from AOS research grant funds. These awards support student and postdoctoral research in various areas of avian biology.


​Senior Professional Awards

Chair: Keith Hobson

Selects candidates for the Senior Professional Awards, recognizing the outstanding contributions to ornithology of senior scientists.


Service Awards

Chair: Barbara Kus

Selects candidates for the two AOS annual Service Awards. These awards recognize members at different career stages for their outstanding service to the Society.


​Student Affairs

Co-Chairs: Amelia-Juliette Demery

Evaluates and recommends efforts that address the needs of student members and increase student participation in AOS committees, annual meetings, and society communications. Fosters society-sponsored activities to promote interaction between students and professional ornithologists. Works with representatives from other societies when the annual meeting involves societies besides AOS.


Student Membership Awards

Chair: Daniel Mennill

Provides one-year Student Membership Awards in AOS to undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing a career in ornithology.


Student & Postdoc Travel and Presentation Awards

Co-Chairs: Matt Carling & Morgan Tingley

Selects candidates for Travel Awards to help defray costs of travel to annual meetings and for Presentation Awards that recognize the best scientific papers and posters given by student members at the meeting.


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