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The American Ornithological Society (AOS) would like to thank everyone who has taken the diversity survey, and we appreciate the constructive feedback in the free response sections. Increasing diversity within ornithology is a priority of AOS, and our newly-formed Diversity Committee* is working on multiple short-term and long-term initiatives. Starting this year, the AOS is offering travel awards and free membership for individuals from underrepresented groups (more information on these awards and memberships). At the 2017 AOS meeting, there was a LGBTQ+ Welcoming Reception as well as a diversity symposium featuring speakers from other organizations promoting diversity in STEM fields. The symposium ended with small-group discussions aimed at generating concrete ideas for next steps - we hope to provide a venue for all attendees to provide feedback on ways to promote diversity in AOS. In the meantime, if you have ideas about diversity-oriented initiatives or would like to get involved, please contact the chair of the Diversity Committee, Kevin Omland (


*The full name of the diversity committee is the Ad-hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. We anticipate it transitioning to a standing committee in the next several months.  


**For additional reference, The AOS Diversity Statement 

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