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2018 AOS James G. Cooper Young Professional Award Winner

The James G. Cooper Young Professional Award recognizes two early-career ornithological researchers (up to three years post-Ph.D.) for their outstanding contributions in any field of ornithology. First awarded in 2009, this award recognizes early-career researchers for outstanding scientific research and contributions to the ornithological profession. In 2018, only one award was granted. The 2018 James G. Cooper Young Professional Award is presented to Dr. Kristen Covino

medium_Kristen Covino.jpg Dr. Kristen Covino is currently a Post-doctoral Fellow at Canisius College and will be starting as an Assistant Professor at Loyola Marymount University in August 2018. Kristen’s research encompasses many scales of inquiry, ranging from avian physiology to continental-scale migratory movements, and seeks to understand the movement biology and whole life cycle biology of migratory birds. Her interest in birds started as an undergraduate when she took ornithology and conducted research with Sara Morris and continued during her early graduate work with Rebecca Holberton. For her Ph.D., Kristen was a member of the Migratory Bird Research Group at the University of Southern Mississipppi, where she worked with Frank Moore. Her dissertation work investigated breeding development in several inter-continental migrants en route to their breeding grounds and demonstrated that the phenology of physiological breeding development in these species is sex-specific. Kristen is also interested in addressing issues related to making ornithology more accessible to women and the LGBT community, as well as promoting undergraduate participation in research. She recently received a Diversity and Inclusion Award from AOS, and in 2017 she became an Elective Member of AOS.

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