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2017 Ned K. Johnson Young Investigator Award Winner

The Ned K. Johnson Young Investigator Award recognizes work by an ornithologist early in his or her career who shows distinct promise for future leadership in the profession. The AOU established this award in 2006 to honor Ned K. Johnson, a lifelong supporter of the AOU and its former President (1996-1998). The award consists of a framed certificate and an honorarium provided by the Ned K. Johnson Young Investigator Fund. The 2017 Ned K. Johnson Young Investigator Award is presented to Dr. Michael Butler.

Michael Butler is currently an assistant professor at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. Mike received his B.A. in Biology and Physics from Bowdoin College (2002), working heavily with Amy Johnson and Nat Wheelwright, his M.S. in Raptor Biology from Boise State University (2006; Al Dufty, Jr.), and his Ph.D. in Biology from Arizona State University (2012; Kevin McGraw). His research efforts fall into a wide range of categories, including biomechanics, ecoimmunology, physiology, and behavioral ecology, driven by an underlying research interest in examining how animals meet challenges posed by the environment. To investigate these topics, Mike has performed studies with species as diverse as mallards, Savannah sparrows, Gila monsters, American kestrels, corn snakes, great-tailed grackles, European starlings, chameleons, house finches, and on one occasion – sharks. In addition to research, Mike enjoys teaching undergraduates, and training the next generation of scientists. Mike has nearly 40 peer-reviewed publications, and received the Aaron O. Hoff Superior Teaching Award in 2015.

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