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2017 AOS Student and Postdoctoral Research Award Winners

The AOS proudly recognizes the students receiving research awards for 2017. These awards are not ranked, but honor research that advances our understanding of birds and their conservation. The 2017 awardees (listed in alphabetical order based on last names for categories with multiple awardees) are:

Donald L. Bleitz Award

Lindsay Forrette - Is more better? Examining the fitness consequences of MHC diversity in the white-throated sparrow

Herbert and Betty Carnes Award

Hannah Visty - Competitive exclusion and species distribution: a 40-year case study and experimental test

Joseph Grinnell Award

Dominique Hellmich - Identifying adaptive behavioral flexibility in an avian invader, the Monk Parakeet (Myiopsitta monachus)

Werner and Hildegard Hesse Award

Ryan Bourbour - Is raptor migration fueled by migrating songbirds?
Devin R. de Zwaan - Nestling development under pressure: high elevations, stochastic weather, and predation risk
Aaron Grade - Non-lethal effects of predation: An experimental test of House Wren nesting across an urban-to-rural gradient
Kara Hodges - Connecting the dots on eggshell pigmentation: do male house wrens use color to determine their level of nestling provisioning?
Lucas Rocha Moreira - Comparative genomics of local adaptation in two North American woodpeckers

Mewaldt-King Award

Tram Nguyen - A comparative genomic approach to understanding the genetic consequences of population decline
Benjamin M. Van Doren - Migratory evolution in response to environmental change

Margaret Morse Nice Award

Kaeli N. Swift - Neural areas underlying American crow processing of dead conspecifics

Josselyn Van Tyne Memorial Research Award

Sarah Cowles - Resolving A Paradox: Understanding Speciation in the Face of Gene Flow in the Kolombangara White-Eyes

Alexander Wetmore Memorial Research Award

Ian J. Ausprey - How Does Dispersal Ability and Matrix Permeability Regulate Avian Community Disassembly in Fragmented Cloud Forests of the Andes?
Joao Marcos Guimaraes Capurucho - Comparative population dynamics and evolution of birds of the Amazonian white sand ecosystems and the relation to Amazonian environmental and landscape history
John Hendershot - The effects of land use intensification on trophic dynamics in Neotropical bird communities
Oscar Johnson - Avian phylogeography of Amazonian river islands
Felicity Newell - Examining Potential Life History Trade-Offs for High Elevation Andean Birds

AOS Research Awards

Daniel J. Albrecht-Mallinger - The influence of understory fruit availability on Red-capped Manakin (Ceratopipra mentalis) abundance and behavior
Jacob Bailey - Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology to Investigate Gap Crossing Decisions of Black-capped chickadees (Poecile atricapillus).
Alicia Bird - Animal personality & DNA methylation: response to an anthropogenic stressor
Jordan Boersma - Origins of female ornamentation: do androgens mediate acquisition of plumage and behavioral phenotypes?
Lindsay Carlson - Linking vegetation characteristics to life-history trade-offs for Pacific black brant
Mary Clapp - Have introduced trout to high-elevation lakes set an ecological trap for native birds?
Santiago David - Páramo bird communities: Understanding a poorly known Andean ecosystem under increasing risk of extinction
Brock J. Geary - Does variable use of social information explain foraging behaviors of the Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) in the northern Gulf of Mexico?
Valentina Gómez-Bahamón - Do Fork-tailed Flycatchers (Tyrannus savana) produce mechanical sounds during courtship displays with feathers?
Natasha Hagemeyer - Indirect detection of long-distance dispersal in a cooperatively breeding bird.
Angelina Haines - Ecological interactions between grassland birds, fire-mediated landscapes, and biological invasions
Natalie R. Hofmeister - Physiological and genomic consequences of a marine-to-freshwater transition in a Patagonian seabird, the Imperial Shag (Phalacrocorax atriceps)
Kaiya L. Provost - Trait-based population genomics of southwest desert birds
Taza D. Schaming - Landscape scale movement, habitat selection and resource tracking by the Clark’s nutcracker, a conifer seed disperser
Jane Younger - Cryptic speciation and morphological diversification within gentoo penguins

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