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2017 AOS Loye and Alden Miller Research Award Winner

The Loye and Alden Miller Research Award is given  for lifetime achievement in ornithological research. Loye Holmes Miller and his son, Alden, left a remarkable legacy to the field of ornithology and to the American Ornithological Society. Together they sponsored 30 PhD students, 28 in avian biology, and their students in turn trained a total of 166. Alden also made contributions to the society and ornithology as a long standing editor of The Condor. Previous recipients at this meeting include Ellen Ketterson and Sue Haig. This year AOS is pleased to honor Dr. Carol M. Vleck as the recipient of the Loye and Alden Miller Research Award for 2017.  

Vleck.pngDr. Vleck assumed a faculty position at the University of Arizona in 1980, and moved to Iowa State University in 1994, where she is now an Emeritus Professor who remains active in the research lab.

In a research career spanning nearly 40 years, Dr. Vleck made ground-breaking advances in avian physiological ecology.  By integrating physiology, endocrinology, behavior, ecology, and evolution, Dr. Vleck with her students and colleagues have advanced our understanding of aging processes in birds, oxidative stress and senescence, the neuroendocrinology of avian incubation and reproductive behavior, and embryonic energetics. Her research on telomere shortening and ageing processes in birds have opened new avenues to study senescence, the evolutionary processes that mold avian life histories, and the environmental sources of chronic stress in birds. Finally, Dr. Vleck has been recognized for her excellence in the classroom and for her continuing efforts to train and mentor young scientists.

For her lifetime contributions to the understanding of avian physiological ecology, AOS is proud to present the Loye and Alden Miller Research Award to Dr. Carol Vleck.



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